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Monday, October 20, 2008

Carraway hospital closing doors after 100 years

Physicians Medical Center Carraway

Physicians Medical Center Carraway

The Birmingham News reports:

Physicians Medical Center Carraway is closing its doors after 100 years in business.

The cash-strapped hospital is closing its emergency department today and is not taking any new patients, the board communicated in a written statement. The hospital will file for bankruptcy protection "to ensure patient care and the orderly shutdown of the facility," the statement said.

Read the entire story here: Carraway hospital closing doors after 100 years


At 10/20/2008 03:00:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! Man, lots of memories at that place. Getting a pink cocktail when I worked at AA. All my PM ER rotations since they had free sandwiches. Watching Lifesaver land, Marshall Peacock in the radio room. The end of an ERA!

At 10/20/2008 10:09:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a shame to lose the old Blue Star of Norwood. I Dispatched many a call to and from there and carried quite a few in and out too. There was no better Level 1 Trauma Center in its day with exception of UAB. At all levels the Staff were very professional and caring and many memories were made there. Lifesaver Airborne Mrdical Transport was a really wonderful asset to this area when run by Carraway too because Having a Physician onboard could sometimes make a lot of the difference in patient care for the EMT's and Paramedics in the field. An era of great medicine in Birmingham has truly come to an end. A sad one indeed.

At 10/21/2008 08:14:00 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

When I worked at Suburban Ambulance in the 80-90's, I always remembered how nice everyone at Carraway was. Even had free food and drinks, in the breakroom.

I have been thinking of this for a few days, now since I have heard the news.

Describe ONE run you had, when taking a patient to Carraway. Not necessarily the worst one, but the most memorable one.

I'll start and remember only one...lol.

I was stationed in Tarrant, and me abd the partner got a call about a man that had been hit by a car at Vanderbilt Road and East Lake Blvd (the one that runs north of the Airport). We pull up and a man had been hit by a car, rolled over the windshield, up and over the car. So now he was at the rear of the car that hit him. Then a car that was behind that car, hit the now stopped car in the back. Well guess where the poor guy that was hit is now? You guessed it, between the two cars. When he stopped rolling from the first impact, he somehow stood up, and was hit the second time.

By that time Engine 23, and Rescue 8 was on the scene, and we all just looked at one another.

Started two bags of fluids, and we was wondering how was we going to splint the poor guys legs. Both tib/fibs and I can't recall if the femurs got it but I think it did. I looked at Rescue 8's crew and suggested Mast Trousers..for stabilization, bleeding control, and probable Low Blood Pressure. Anyway to make a long story short, he went to Carraway

Sorry so long

Lane Pair
Suburban Ambulance 1988-1991

At 10/21/2008 08:29:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember one of my first lessons about the "inconveniences" of EMS. I was working at AA and we stayed at Hillview station #1. My partner had bought everyone a big ribeye to celebrate something (don't remember what now). Anyway, we anticpated those steaks all day long but, I kid you not, the salad, garlic bread, and home made fries (peeling still on) were on the table and just as those ribeyes came in we got sent on a seizure call which went to Carraway. I guess I ate one of their sandwiches.

In a more somber episode I remember Lifesaver flying out to Midfield right after I got out of EMT II school, probably around
1984. A frind of mine that I had known since kindergarten had rolled his car. He had a really bad skull fx and one of the docs pronounced him on the scene.

Plus I remember falling in love with some nurse there when I pulled my PM rotations there....Lynn?....no Leigh! Shoot between her and the free food I wouldn't have ever had to leave CMMC!

At 10/22/2008 05:22:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't really remember a specific transport to Carraway during my Hank's days, but I know we transported many shooting victims there. The one thing I do remember about their trauma team was this, while the other hospitals (UAB, Montclair, Cooper Green..ugh) would allow the EMS folks to remain in the trauma room and "help" if needed, Carraway was quick to move us and our stretcher out of their trauma room. While in a way that sounds rude, it actually showed how professional they were to want to get the team in there so that everyone could do their specific job.

Speaking of remembering employees that worked at the hospitals we all visited... anyone remember Le Woodruff, the unit secretary at the desk at UAB? She musta been cute if I can remember her name afer so many year...lol.

At 1/27/2017 07:01:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember how many trauma rooms the ER had?

At 4/24/2017 05:45:00 PM , Blogger Karla said...

8 is what I remember from working in the ER there. Still can not believe it's no longer there.


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