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Friday, June 27, 2008

Officer Greg Surles Fund

Pell City Police Department

Pell City Police Department"Can't Stop A Hero - 828"

As many of you have heard, Officer Greg Surles, with the Pell City Police Department, was involved in a serious, life-threatening wreck while on duty. As he continues to struggle through his recovery in the hospital, his financial obligations don't stop. The good news is that we can all help.

Below are two methods:

Purchase a specially designed t-shirt

Ragland Screen Printing is selling a specially designed Pell City PD t-shirt with Officer Surles' badge and badge number on it. The slogan reads, "Can't Stop A Hero - 828". The shirt is being sold for $10 with $5 from each shirt going to the Surles family.

Ragland Screen Printing asks that people who wish to order a t-shirt email Alison with their order. Alison's email is alison@raglandscreenprinting.com


Below is a letter from Pell City's Mayor, Adam Stocks, which better explains Officer Surles' situation and how you can help.

Dear Friends,

As you are all well aware, Officer Greg Surles was involved in a very serious accident Wednesday afternoon while on patrol in Pell City. Greg is a six year veteran of our police force and one of the finest officers we have serving in our Police Department. Many of you know Greg personally. For several years Greg served as one of Pell City's K-9 Officers.

As I send you this email, Greg remains in critical condition at UAB and continues to fight for his life. Although the past 24 hours have had some encouraging news, Greg remains in a paralysis induced state to help his body recover and remains on a ventilator, as well. Already, he has had several surgeries to his abdomen as well as means to keep swelling of the brain and damage to his heart to a minimum. The numerous broken bones are the least of the worries at this point. The doctors removed his spleen shortly after he arrived at UAB on Wednesday. He is scheduled to have another procedure first thing Friday morning to repair organs in his abdomen. If all goes well tomorrow and if the doctors feel his body can take the procedure, Greg will have surgery the first of next week to help repair his heart. As you would imagine, this is a very delicate procedure that has all concerned.

Above all, I ask for your prayers for Greg and the Surles family. Greg is married to Robin and they have two daughters, ages 4 years old and 9 weeks old. This has been a very difficult time for the entire family as they hold vigil in the waiting room anxiously awaiting updates on Greg. Robin knows the power of prayer and that God controls all.

If your church or prayer chain is not already doing so, please add the Surles' to your list and pray hard for them.

Greg is expected to spend several months in the hospital as a team of surgeons, headed up by a neurosurgeon, continue to try to help Greg return to his family. As the days, weeks and eventually months elapse during Greg's recovery, his family's bills and expenditures will continue to mount. Greg will be on workman's comp, but this will amount to just a portion of his normal income. I could continue to explain the unfolding scenario, but I feel you already understand.

I come to you at this time asking that you assist, by any means possible, in easing the financial burden on this young family of four.

Frankly, I can't even begin to fathom what is going through Robin's mind as she sits in that waiting room trying to comprehend what happened to shatter her family's dreams. At the same time, she has a four year old and their newborn wondering where Mommy and Daddy are. I promised Robin that I would raise the necessary funds to keep her mind clear of the financial restraints and let her focus on helping lead Greg to recovery.

The Surles family is in need and I humbly ask that if you have not already done so, please make a donation to the Greg Surles Fund at Metro Bank. Whether it is done individually or by your company, your assistance is greatly needed. If there is someone else within your company that makes this decision, please pass this on to that individual.

I also ask that you talk to other business owners within your industry and request that they make a donation as well. If each of us can get 3 of our fellow industry companions to make a donation then we can make a great impact on a family that needs our help. Please spend 15 - 20 minutes of your day today on this cause.

Every penny that is donated to this fund will go to Robin and the family.

You can contact Metro Bank at (205) 884-2265 or make a donation by visiting their website at www.metrobankpc.com.

On behalf of the Surles family, thank you very much for your generosity.

Please remember that as you run away from danger and seek assistance in your time of need, it's men and women like Greg Surles who interject to save our lives.

Most respectfully yours,

Adam Stocks
(Posted with permission)

You may also mail donations to:

Metro Bank
Greg Surles Fund
800 Martin St S
Pell City AL 35128

Please keep Officer Surles in your prayers and consider donating to the Officer Surles Fund. All donations made to this fund will go to Officer Surles and his family.


I received the following from Lynn...

Dave, my name is Lynn Braden and wondered if you could add some additional information to Greg Surles' post for fundraisers. I had designed a Personalized Hershey Bar Wrapper in honor of Greg, now in memory of Greg, to help raise money also for his family.

I am a long time friend of the family and I own a shoppe in Pell City called Personally Yours by Lynn. If anyone would like to help in some way it would be greatly appreciated. We need volunteers to donate Hershey Chocolate Bars (1.55 ounce standard bars), volunteers to wrap and help take the candy bars around to businesses, etc. to sell. All donations will be given to the family to help on day-to-day expenses.

I have attached a picture of the candy bar. The top portion is the front of the candy bar and the bottom portion is the back of the candy bar. We wrap the Hershey Bar in gold foil to cover the brown Hershey's original wrapper and then wrap the personalized wrapper around the bar.

Anything you could mention to help is appreciated. People can contact me at the following info if they would like to help in some way.

Thank you,
Lynn Braden
Personally Yours by Lynn
2300 Cogswell Avenue
Pell City, AL
(205) 338-4124


At 7/05/2008 11:22:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thoughts 7 prayers are with the surles family. I am originally from Pell City and I still have family that lives there. I moved away 2 years ago to Anniston when I got married. I am deeply sadden by the passing of officer Surles. And I am deeply sadened that his 2 young children will never experience the wonderful man that officer Surles was.My depest sympathy to ALL of the Surles family....from Carol Davis McCormick (formerly of Pell City)and my husband Alan of (NOW Anniston Alabama)

At 7/07/2008 02:34:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you probably dont mean any disrespect from this, but I think it cruel and insensitive to view pictures of the wrecked police car and life flight on your site. Being the wife of a police officer, had that been my husband, it would be very disturbing and upsetting to me. Rest In Peace Greg!!

At 7/07/2008 03:19:00 PM , Blogger DAVE911 said...

I have to say that I can certainly see your point and I have wrestled with taking them down. Throughout the many years that I've done this website, this is the toughest decision I've had to deal with. The pictures weren't posted until it was looking like he was going to pull through. Sadly, that wasn't the case.

As I type this, my mind turns to the family. That one reason is reason enough to remove them. I would certainly never want to cause added grief to Officer Surles' family, co-workers or friends.

Thank you for your thoughts.


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