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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shave a Fireman for Charity

As you may have heard, the Mountain Brook Fire Local 1295 President's son, Logan Whitehead, was recently diagnosed with leukemia and is currently seeking treatment at Children's Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.

Logan is 12 years old and was quite upset about losing his hair as one of the side effects of his chemotherapy.

Among other initiatives Local 1295 has taken to help ease the burden of Logan's illness, they have launched the Shave a Fireman campaign. There are the 4 easy ways you can participate:

  1. For $50.00 you can pick a Mountain Brook fireman and have them shaved.
  2. For $100.00 you can pick a Mountain Brook fireman, make an appointment and stop by and SHAVE THEM YOURSELF (with photo op).
  3. For $200.00 you can have a video made of a Mountain Brook fireman having their chest waxed (think man-o-lantern, insert ouch)
  4. For any other ridiculous sum of money you offer, you can offer to have something done and they'll entertain your ideas!

Here are the rules... For $50, they do it and post an after pic on their gallery with your name attached as a sponsor. Many of them keep really tight haircuts anyway but this is BABY BIRD smooth they are talking about, not a buzz!

For $100, YOU really get to do it yourself. No kidding.

For $200, again, THEY do it. It's ONLY for as long as the fireman can take it. They pick the volunteers, you get the credit and everybody gets a kick out of the video.

For any other sum of money, all they can say is that there are a lot of them that are game. If they can do it, they'll do it.

All proceeds go directly to the Whitehead family for the expenses associated with Logan's treatment and to help with their having to relocate to Birmingham for the duration of Logan's treatments.

Contact Information:

Email: local1295@yahoo.com
Phone: (205) 862-5758
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/local1295

Please consider helping the Whitehead family! The money will help a family in need and you'll have a great time doing it!


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